How can I avoid USF game day traffic in my apartment near University of South Florida?

Well the good news is, if you live on campus or in an apartment near the University of South Florida you actually won't get the worst of the game-day traffic if you're not at the game. The USF Bulls play at Raymond James Stadium, which is about 21 minutes from campus. Depending on where everyone is going after the game, you might be ok.

Staying Out of Traffic

One way to avoid traffic is to just stay home. If you live in an apartment anywhere near E. Fowler Ave, which is where the stadium is located, and you really hate traffic, this might be something to consider. Check the internet for home game dates and times and try planning your day to be inside your apartment during the games. You could even have a few friends over to watch the game with you and wait for the traffic out to make it a little more fun.  Of course, this isn't an option for everyone but if you don't absolutely have to leave your apartment during game times then this might keep you from having to deal with the stress of game-day traffic. Check out some cool game day watch party ideas for having friends over in this article by Party City.

Learning Other Routes

Tampa Bay radio stations, TV stations and web news do an awesome job of giving real-time traffic updates during game days. If you must go out during the height of game day traffic, try keeping up with the traffic updates on your radio or cellular device. Usually, the traffic experts advise drivers to stay away from Dale Mabry Highway because it gets most congested. However, if you live in an apartment close to Dale Mabry Highway it may be best for you to listen for another route. Often the radio will tell you which routes the police are redirecting traffic toward. It may take a little longer to get home, but it may be worth it not to have to sit in bumper to bumper traffic.

Other Plans

If you're not at all interested in watching the game at home or in the stadium, another suggestion would be to seek out other fun things to do in areas of town away from the stadium and wait until traffic clears out. Finding new restaurants, shopping centers, bars, the beach and other recreational activities to do during game times might be fun! It may also mean smaller crowd sizes if more people are interested in watching and attending the games. There is plenty to do in the Tampa area. Grab a friend or two who won't mind missing the game and make a date of it!


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