Where can I get school supplies near USF apartments?

Many residents move to USF apartments because they plan on attending the university after their move. Living near the USF campus will give you access to all the campus has to offer, like the Marshall Student Center and the beautiful USF pond. There are many areas available for both USF students and non-students. However, if you're getting prepared for a brand new school year and want to stock up on notebooks, binders, pens and other supplies, you'll be able to find many stores near USF apartments to meet your scholastic needs. Obtaining key items prior to the beginning of classes can help you get a head start on your studies. You can also avoid the back to school rush. We're happy to give you some tips on how to prepare and save money on back to school supplies.

Prior to your move to USF apartments, you may not have finalized your course schedule or have a detailed list of course requirements. Even if you have not yet registered for specific courses, there are still some general items you can stock up on before you have this information. For example, you may be surprised to find you need to acquire a new set of pens and pencils. Many of us already keeps these in our home, but while they may be sufficient for jotting down a grocery list or address, they may not cut it when it comes to taking lengthy, legible notes. You may want to invest in a nice pen in a few different colors to help you take effective notes. Grab a few quality pencils just in case you need them for tests. Highlighters can be useful for any subject, helping you go back and review important points in your notes. A few helpful extras to have around include hole-punchers, mini-staplers, staple removers, and sticky notes.

Once you're ready to go shopping, you'll have quite a few options near USF apartments. If you live very close to campus and want to explore the school, head over to the USF Bookstore to find a wide range of school supplies and other school spirit items. You'll be able to mingle with other students and become acclimated to the campus. Chances are that you'll have to visit the USF Bookstore at least once throughout the year, so it can be a good idea to be familiar with the layout and range of items sold. It is also a great place to pick up USF shirts and other apparel for your friends and family to support your admission to the college. If you're curious about the USF Bookstore, you can always visit their website to see textbooks, apparel, gifts and accessories, supplies and electronics, and other items online.

Other nearby shops will be excellent resources for school supplies as well. For example, Staples is one of the most popular stores to visit for office and school supplies. If you enjoy colorful, unique supplies to keep you amused while you study and take notes, Staples is definitely the place to be! Alternatively, pick up discount school supplies in bulk from Wal-Mart, Target, and even Dollar Tree on Fletcher Avenue. Finding cheap apartments and student apartments near USF will be a breeze with the help of our website!

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