I’m a skater looking for an apartment near USF. What are the best skate parks nearby?

If you're moving to an apartment near the University of South Florida, then you're in luck - it's the perfect skating location! The landscape is beautiful and it's almost always the perfect weather to shred it up at an outdoor park. There are both outdoor and indoor skate parks in the Tampa Bay area.

One of the great things about the University of South Florida is that there is a skater community supported by campus activities. The Outdoor Resource Center at USF frequently organizes "Adventure Trips" with various outdoor activities. Though these activities are not exclusive to skate parks, skating is one of the Center's listed outdoor activities. The Center also provides bike and skateboard repairs for students on campus. Whether you're living on campus or in off campus housing, these are great things to take advantage of closeby.

SkatePark of Tampa

The SkatePark of Tampa (SPoT) is only a short commute away from most USF apartments and is listed as one of the top 10 skate parks near campus. It is an indoor park complete with ramps, rails and half pipes. SPoT is open to skateboards, inline skates and BMX (on specific days and times for safety purposes). Once you're done skating, you can visit the on-site skateshop for merchandise and gear.

New Tampa Community Park

If you're looking to venture further off campus for skatepark fun, the surrounding areas have a lot to offer. New Tampa Community Park is designed specifically for skateboards and inline skates. It has differing hours depending on which day of the week you'd like to visit, but you can check the official website for the daily hours and prices. This outdoor park is decked out with two levels of concrete, stairs, pyramids, grind rails and more. Safety precautions are always encouraged, so if you happen to forget your helmet there are helmets available for rent.

The Boardr

The Boardr is a free indoor facility that is frequently updated and available for both free skate or to host events. The park is only open Friday through Sunday from noon to 6:00 pm, so be sure to get all of your practice and fun in during those times. Boardr is also home to one of the city's most popular skate shops. The Boardr Shop is full of merchandise from big brands like Adidas and Vans, as well as merchandise from local brands and popular skaters. The events at Boardr have the same kind of range. You could see huge skate sponsors or Tampa-based skate events. All skate events are facilitated through original technology called The Boardr Live. The technology is so cutting edge, it's used by Nike, World Skateboarding, Grind for Life and many more. Check out The Boardr for a variety of skate experiences.

Whether you're staying on campus or in a USF apartment near campus, you're going to be in for a lot of skating fun. Check out the other Tampa neighborhoods near USF for even more skating opportunities! Before visiting any skate parks in the area, it's best that you check them out online for pricing, rules and regulations for each park. Although fun is the goal, safety is very important. Regardless of your level of experience, please be sure to take the proper safety precautions during your visit. Enjoy skating in Tampa Bay!
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