Are there any good coffee and tea shops around USF?

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Around the University of South Florida's Tampa campus, several unique coffee and tea shops are sure to delight nearby apartment residents. These locations have a wide variety of distinctive drinks and foods along with other amenities that will attract students as well, including study nooks, free Wi-Fi, and unique merchandise to buy. In this article, we will be talking about the shops Felicitous, Chewy Boba, and Mojo Books, which are all amazing yet different in their own exceptional way.

Felicitous is For You

Felicitous has two locations near the USF campus for students to visit, and both are amazingly warm and welcoming. If you are looking for a unique place to study for that exam, Felicitous has seating for you either inside or outside their little café. Cozy up on a couch to chat with a friend or set up your computer to get some work done at one of the many tables available. Before getting your tea or coffee, peruse their merchandise section full of unique items you wouldn't find anywhere else. Afterward, the staff will help you pick out the perfect drink for you from a menu of unique coffees and teas of their own creation. There is also a selection of food available if you are hungry. Wi-Fi is free to use, and helpful barcodes are available at tables if you do not want to leave your seat to order. For the student who needs a calming place to work that isn't their apartment near campus, this is the place for you.

Chewy Boba is a Vibe

Chewy Boba is another great place for students living at an apartment near the USF campus to check out. This place is for you if you like boba drinks, macarons, and mochi combined with an easygoing atmosphere infused with Lo-Fi background music. Chewy Boba is set to impress with good seating, board games for students to play, old arcade games to try out, and amazing food and drinks. Students will feel welcomed by the USF Boba Bull mural on one of the main walls of this shop. They will also be drawn in by the amazing assortment of Boba drinks which the helpful staff can help you pick out. Once you get your drink, you can sit in one of the many available seats and study for that midterm, write that pesky essay, or just hang out with a friend. Overall, this is a great place for students living at apartments nearby to visit and hang out.

Mojo Books is Marvelous

Mojo Books is the final great location we will be discussing today. They have several amenities available, including a full-fledged bookstore, small business merchandise, and of course a tea and coffee shop. This is a good spot for you if you want to feel surrounded by books yet not be at the bustling and crowded USF campus library. You can peruse their shelves of new and old books of all genres, choose items made by creative small businesses, get a coffee or tea at the shop, and then sit down at the seating available. Mojo Books really thought of it all and are a great place to unwind, study, and discover new books. In the end, this is a great close location for students to come and relax.

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