What mental health resources are available near USF apartments?

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Let's face it. College life can be mentally draining at times. Juggling school, friends, events, and maybe even a job on top of the rest can be difficult. Mental health resources are a huge help for students who want to talk to someone and get advice and assistance too.

A few great mental health resources are available to college students who live in the apartments near the USF campus, such as the USF Counseling Center and the USF Health Psychiatry Services. These resources can be vital in assisting all students in whatever they are struggling with at the moment.

USF Counseling Here to Help

The USF Counseling Center is a great place for students to get free mental health care when they need it. If you are at an apartment near USF, this center allows you to focus on talking to a licensed professional counselor instead of worrying about the cost. You can confidently discuss your personal and emotional situation, knowing that your words will be kept confidential and that the advice given is both kind and professional. Overall, the USF Counseling Center can help those living close to campus resolve problems, hone new skills, and apply new perspectives to improve their well-being. 

The USF Counseling Center has locations at the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee campuses available and accessible to all students. Their goal is to provide effective and focused treatment to individual students to ensure that all USF Bulls get the care they need. They offer different types of counseling, such as short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and mental health services in the form of outreach and consultation. If you feel that USF counseling might be the right fit for you, reach out and speak to someone about your mental health needs and goals. They will be happy to help you.

USF Health Psychiatry at Your Assistance

If you feel like counseling isn't enough for you, USF Health Psychiatry might be what you need instead. They are available at the Student Health Clinic on campus, which would be just a short distance from any nearby apartment complex. This can allow you to easily go from class to an appointment without being stressed about the commute. Accessibility is key to helping students seek out and receive the help and assistance they need in order to improve their mental health. College is stressful and you deserve all the help you can get when life throws you curveballs and messes with you.

Psychiatrists at USF Health Psychiatry are able to evaluate and treat more serious mental conditions to allow you to thrive during your time at college. Psychiatric services are available by being referred from the Counseling Center, so they can set you up with the right services and people to help. Please reach out to them if you feel like these psychiatric services are needed for the situation you are finding yourself in. It is always a better choice to reach out, especially if the resources are so close to apartments near campus. Stay safe and stay healthy out there everyone!

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