Are apartments with utilities included a better value?

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Campus Lodge offers cable and internet, water, trash removal, pest control, and emergency maintenance.

Many apartments near USF offer all-inclusive rent. Paying one bill each month rather than several is certainly easier to keep track of, but you may wonder if it really helps you out. Is the price the apartment charges you for water and electric a lot more than what you would pay yourself?

A lot of people get excited when they hear that anything is included in the rent price. You may find apartments near USF that offer cable, internet, trash pickup, electric, water, or sewer in the cost of rent. If the price sounds good before you know that it includes several or all your utilities, you can figure that you've probably found a bargain.

What each apartment near USF offers will be different. Some may offer only standard maintenance and pest control in the cost of rent. Others will cover your basic electric and water needs. Still others will give you utilities plus cable, internet, and telephone. Of course, it's up to you to decide if having these things prepaid is a good idea for you. If you weren't planning on having cable or a landline, perhaps you should consider a place that doesn't include these, as it may be cheaper. If you would be hooking up a full entertainment package anyway, finding a home with these bills included can save you some hassle. Consider your current lifestyle – there's no reason to pay for things you know you won't use in your Tampa apartment.

An apartment near USF that includes utilities maybe a good deal simply because you only have to remember to pay one bill. (You also don't have to set up and disconnect everything when you move in and out –very convenient!) If you chronically forget to pay your water bill and get hit with late charges every month, having it paid by the apartment can save you a lot. If you are a USF student, you will be busy studying, working, or partying. With all the clubs and organizations offered at USF, you may not be home much. If bills are due around finals, you may completely forget about them while you camp out in the library for days at a time. All-inclusive rent can be great in these situations.

Some apartments near USF will include your electric or water usage up to a certain point. They may ‘cap' your usage at a predetermined point that is reasonable for an apartment of your size. This protects your landlord from tenants who may take advantage and run the AC at sixty degrees with the windows open in July. You should find out in advance what the cap on your new home would be,in order to avoid going over.

Generally speaking, apartments near USF that offer all-inclusive rent are not trying to rob you. They may get a discounted rate if it is a large enough complex. The electric or water company should also be saving money by not having to turn utilities on and off every time a new tenant moves in to their Tampa apartment.

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