4 Bedroom Apartments Near USF in Tampa, FL

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4 Bedroom Apartments Near USF in Tampa, FL

4 Bedrooms near USF

Moving to the USF area means plenty of opportunities to meet new people. This side of town has a large student population, a variety of rental communities and something to do for just about anyone. This gives prospective residents the chance to meet friends and find roommates even before picking the perfect four bedroom apartments near USF. However, other residents are happy to use roommate matching to find others, or may already have a group of friends and/or family to share their new place with. Regardless of your plans, you'll be able to find a range of options for 4 bedroom USF apartments, including luxury and student apartments.

Amenities to look for in 4 Bedroom USF Apartments

Most residents looking for 4 bedroom USF apartments plan to have several roommates in the same unit. This can be a fantastic way to get comfortable in a new town and discover places and activities to enjoy. For the smoothest transition when living with multiple people, look for USF apartments that are furnishedwith at least the basics. This can include bedroom furniture, such as a bed and dresser, and common area furniture, like a couch and coffee table. This can save you the trouble of figuring out who is responsible for bringing large furniture items, or trying to decide on new furniture sets and splitting the costs. It also makes it much easier to move out without the hassle of transporting and dividing out items.

Another great amenity for 4 bedroom USF apartments is all-inclusive packages. These communities allow residents to combine certain bills, like electricity and water, together with the monthly rent. This extra convenience can be a game-changer when living with several roommates, and greatly reduces the number of calculations needed when paying bills. It also helps reduce errors and late payments due to the single payment per month.

Tips for Living in 4 Bedroom Apartments

Even if you have experience living with roommates, living with a bigger group of people can be a different experience. It is easier to discuss expectations and responsibilities with a single individual, but some extra care is required when a group of people lives in close quarters. The most important step to take is to have an initial discussion with everyone and get to know each other's personalities, daily routine and any other lifestyle information that impacts the living arrangement. This can help avoid surprises and confusion later on! Although you may not agree on everything completely, it is possible to come to a compromise that keeps everyone content in four bedroom apartments near USF. Keep in mind that an existing friendship before moving in together is sometimes not enough to create a stable living environment. Don't forget to talk things out with friends, too.

If you're having trouble getting to know your roommates, it can be fun and helpful to plan low-pressure events for the group. This USA Today article provides a great list of improving chemistry among roommates and starting off on the right foot. In combination with thoughtful and honest discussions, engaging in fun events together can help you bond and reduce feelings of awkwardness or uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find roommates for a 4 bedroom apartment?

You're in luck, most of the student housing communities near USF offer free roommate matching services that can help you find other students to live with who have similar lifestyles. When it's time to sign your lease, you'll need to fill out a roommate matching form that will ask questions about your schedule, major, cleanliness, and habits. Make sure you answer as honestly as possible, and it may be a good idea to fill out this form privately (without Mom and Dad around). You can also search for apartments with roommate matching to see which communities offer this service.

Are utilities included in the rent for 4 bedroom apartments?

Each student housing community has their own rules, so you'll need to check with the leasing team to verify what is included in the monthly rent. Most apartments near USF include furniture, many include cable and internet, and a few include electricity and water. You can use the search on RentTampaBay to find apartments with utilities included. Just locate the "Internet, Cable, and Utilities" filter on the 4 bedroom search page and check off the options for electricity and water.

What spaces are shared in 4 bedroom apartments?

We totally understand that privacy is a top priority in shared 4 bedroom apartments. In a roommate matching situation, common areas will be shared between all of the roommates - these are areas like the laundry, dining room, living area, and patio/balcony. Most of the bedrooms at apartments near USF are individually keyed, so you'll have exclusive access to your bedroom suite and all of your personal belongings.

What happens if my roommate doesn't pay his/her rent in our 4 bedroom apartment?

If you sign an individual lease for an apartment near USF, you will not be responsible for your roommates' finances. To find individually leased apartments, just keep your eye out for apartments that list their rent by the room (rather than by the entire apartment). It never hurts to ask, so don't be afraid to call the leasing office for your top 3 favorite apartments and ask questions about rent responsibility and what happens if your future roommate is late on rent.

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