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    Cheap USF Apartments | University of South Florida

    Cheap USF Apartments

    For many residents, finding a good deal that fits within budget is a top priority when moving to a new place. Expenses like school, commuting, groceries, and medical bills can be challenging to balance when paying rent and utilities. However, finding cheap apartments near USF does not have to mean sacrificing comfort and convenience. There are several communities in the area that offer packages with apartment and community amenities that are a great combination of convenience and affordability. From off campus USF housingto efficiency apartments, residents will be able to find a range of cheap apartments near USF.

    Typical Amenities in Cheap Apartments near USF

    Residents looking for a good deal can start by looking for certain features and amenities that will make it easier to save money and keep track of your budget. Below are a few typical features found in cheap apartments near USF.

    • Individual leasing: Residents who only want to be responsible for their share of the rent on a lease can find apartments that offer individual leases. This means that you can share a unit with roommates to cut down costs, but will not have to scramble to cover their rent if they choose to move out. This provides more financial security and individual responsibility when renting an apartment.
    • All-inclusive leases: This is an excellent, cost-effective option for residents looking for cheap apartments near USF. This type of lease combines rent and utilities, like electricity and water, into one monthly payment. In these apartments, the utility bills may be lower than other places due to the agreements between the community and the utility companies.
    • Furnished apartments: Moving to a new place without any furniture can be costly, especially if you need bigger items like a sofa, tables, and chairs. Cheap apartments near USF often come furnished with basic items, making it easy to move in without worrying about buying or carrying heavy furniture. This is also helpful when living with roommates and eliminates the need to figure out who should purchase or provide shared furniture items.

    More Tips on How to Save Money in Cheap Apartments near USF

    While finding the right rental package can make a huge difference in your monthly expenses, there are a few extra things you can do to cut down costs and keep track of your budget. For example, cooking at home rather than eating out can be the best way to save money on food. For best results, prepare a strategic and nutritious grocery list that you can use for a variety of recipes throughout the week.

    Another way to save money is to reduce unnecessary usage of utilities, like electricity and water. If you find yourself taking extra long showers or leaving the water running in the sink, experiment with shorter showers and less water usage to see the impact on your water bill. Additionally, make sure to turn off all the lights and lower your thermostat before leaving the house because even small changes can reduce your bill. This article provides additional tips and a list of electronics to unplug to reduce electricity usage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any cheap apartments near USF?

    While going to school full time, finding an apartment to fit a tight budget is important. We've put together custom pages on for apartments under $600 and apartments under $700 near USF to help you find affordable options.

    How can I find a USF apartment that meets my budget?

    Rent is one line item when putting together your monthly budget. Then there are other costs to consider, like the electricity bill, water and sewer fees and even cable and internet. If you're looking for ways to bundle all of these bills together, check out this list of all-inclusive student apartments near USF.

    Will sharing an apartment with roommates make my rent cheaper?

    Yes, sharing an apartment helps save money in more than one way! A bedroom in a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom apartment is less expensive than a 1-bedroom apartment. If you're an extrovert you may love having roommates to share your space with. You can also plan dinners together where you take turns cooking and buying meals. It's a great way to bond with your roommates, and save money at the same time.

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