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Digital Marketing Strategist

Nicole Frommelt

Nicole is passionate about great products and their impact. Her love of music led her to join Grooveshark in the fall of 2012, where she worked closely with the Product and Data teams to provide the best radio and listening experience to users. During her time with the company, she made it her focus to develop new features and create exciting content for the community to enjoy.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist for iLS network, her goal is remarkably similar. Nicole delivers effective copy and intriguing content, making it her mission to both inform and intrigue readers.

The Gainesvillite loves the city's charm and small-town feel, the energy of the University of Florida campus, as well as how close some of Florida's best kept secrets - springs, trails, forests, and nature preserves - are to home.

When she's not writing, she enjoys geeking out over well-designed email marketing campaigns, curating her extensive collection of playlists, discussing all things comic book (read: Marvel) related, combing through archaeology publications, and managing her niche music blog.

Facts abut Nicole: 

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Movie: Return of the Jedi

Favorite TV Show: LOST

Favorite Musical Duo: Toss-up between Air and Rökysopp

Apartment Must-Have: No carpet...or very little carpet