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Rebecca Boyd

Rebecca grew up in a tiny town outside of Gainesville, Florida and moved to Tampa to go to college at a small, private school.  She recently graduated with a degree in liberal studies, focusing on Psychology, Communication, and Social Work.  She found through her studies in communication that she loved understanding, talking to, and helping people.  In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading a good book (all in one sitting, preferably), finding weird stuff at thrift shops, and trying out new recipes (though she never actually follows the recipes).

Rebecca at one time dreamed of becoming an architect, until she learned the amount of math involved.  Still, she loves looking at floor plans, and enjoys going on apartment tours to see how each place is layed out.

Rebecca lived in the same house until she moved out for college, so navigating the world of apartment-hunting and boxing up her possessions was not easy at first.  Through trial and error, she learned how to pack more efficiently, and how to deal with some of the problems of apartment living – dishwasher floods, neighbors beginning their parties at 2am, sharing her space with bugs, and waiting for her air conditioner to be fixed for over a month.  Due to these experiences, Rebecca has learned more of what to look for in her search for rental properties, and hopes to be able to help others find great places to live.