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Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a senior at Florida State University in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida. Ryan is a Florida native and has lived in apartments as a child and as an adult, giving him a thorough understanding of turning an apartment into a home. He has grown up around nearly all pets, so he personally connects with the importance of an apartment being pet-friendly. Ryan loves the outdoors as well as the comfort of his own space, which is why a balcony or back porch is number one on his list of apartment needs; as an avid reader, Ryan can remember reading his favorite book, "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas," late at night on his back porch of his last Tallahassee apartment.

Ryan describes himself as, "about as social as they come," which is why he loves living in a bustling college town, and understands the need for relatively thick walls and good relations with neighbors when it's party time. Ryan is a lover of music and movies, his favorite song being "Walk On The Wild Side" by Lou Reed, and his favorite film being "Goodfellas." His favorite apartment he has ever lived in was at a classic student housing property close to Seminole gameday at Doak Campbell Stadium. In fact, some of his favorite memories from his college experience took place in his ground-level apartment; he can recall tossing a frisbee with friends outside, enjoying engaging talk on the back porch, and taking full advantage of the well-equipped kitchen with the first dishwasher he has ever used. As a pro apartment tip, Ryan encourages people to know that dish soap is very different from dishwasher detergent, and will cause a surprise bubble tsunami in the kitchen.