College can be hard to navigate for incoming students. From finding the right student apartment to navigating Tampa and the USF Campus, it's easy to feel lost. Everything can feel a tad overwhelming. To make that transition as smooth as possible we put together the USF Student Guide to lead you through the challenges of settling your student in, getting around, and finding what you need at the University of South Florida. We did the homework so you can prepared and successful for your time at USF. You will love it here! GO BULLS!

Your USF Apartment Search

We've rounded up our best tips on everything from safety to signing a lease to help aid you in your search for an apartment near the University of South Florida. Finding the perfect USF apartment for your lifestyle and preferences means thinking about a lot of different factors. Use our USF Student Guide to make sure you're making the right decision for you!

USF renting vs communting

Renting vs. Commuting to USF Campus

Decide if renting or commuting is the right decision for you by weighing factors like college experience, time and expenses.

when to sign an apartment lease

Best Time To Sign A Lease

Looking for off-campus housing is exciting and can lead to lots of questions. Let's figure out when is the best time for you to sign your lease!

USF Saftey Features

Safety Features To Look For

Here are the features you should look for in your USF apartment to have some peace of mind and feel at home.

USF Off Campus Housing

USF Off-Campus Housing Search

Check out this customized search to make finding USF Off-Campus Housing easy! Filter your search by everything from price, to amenties, to location.

Before You Move

You've used our search and found the perfect place to call home, now here's what you should plan before you move in. We're here to make your transition to the University of South Florida as smooth as possible. Check out our tips on moving in and getting everything you need for your new space.   

USF apartment checklist

Move-In Checklist

Now that you've found your place with, check out our list of a few things you'll need to do before you settle into your new home.

USF Moving helpers

Moving Companies Near USF

Get a helping hand to make moving into your new apartment seamless with these moving companies near USF.

USF furnished apartment shopping list

Furnished Apartment Shopping List

A furnished apartment takes a lot of the work out of moving, but there are still a few things left to get. Check out our list of everything you don't know you need for your furnished apartment. 

USF grocery shopping list

First Apartment Grocery Shopping List

Stock your kitchen like a pro with our guide to your first grocery shopping trip for your new apartment. 

USF Apartment Life

Use our student guide to be prepared for what apartment life is like at the University of South Florida. Learn about topics like roommates, amenities and pet ownership to be prepped and ready for your USF apartment.   

Off Campus Apartment Pool

USF Apartment Amenities

From clubhouses to fitness centers, find out how to take full advantage of your USF apartment amenities.

USF Move out checklist

Move-Out Checklist

Here's what you need to know about moving out of your USF apartment, whether you're graduating or moving into a new space.

USF Living with roommates

Living with Roommates

Everything you need to know about finding a roommate at USF and how to keep your shared space conflict-free.

USF pet ownership

Pet Ownership for USF Students

Getting a pet while in college is a big responsibility; here's everything you need to know about bring a furry friend home.

Life As a USF Student 

Now that you've settled into life a USF, check out our tips on everything from getting involved to where the best study spots on campus are on our USF Student Guide. Not sure what to expect when living and going to school in South Florida? We've got you covered!

Getting involved usf

Get Involved At USF

Make the most out of your experience at USF by getting involved in opportunities on campus like greek life, clubs, and organizations or off-campus internships.

usf campus life

USF Campus Life

Want to get an idea of the campus life at the University of South Florida? Check out USF's page to get an idea of the lifestyle.

USF study spots

Top Study Spots At USF

We want you to get the best studying done possible. Check out these spots on campus for your next study session.

USF voting guide

USF Student Voting Guide

Voting in college can be a mess of addresses and confusing voting locations. Check out our voting guide to help making your voice heard easy.


Navigating Tampa and the University of South Florida campus can be daunting. No worries! Check out our resources to make getting around easy and stress free, no matter what form of transportation you choose to get around USF.

usf parking map

Ultimate USF Parking Guide

Check out this extensive map of the University of South Florida campus to know exactly where you can park.

USF Bus Route map

Bull Runner Shuttle Map

Save yourself time and money be following this Bull Runner Shuttle Map for a quick ride around campus.

getting around usf

Getting Around USF

There are many ways to travel around the USF campus. Check out our guide to find the best option for you.

Getting To Know The USF Area 

The University of South Florida has much to offer when it comes to everything from activities, to nature, to food. Check out these resources on our USF Student Guide to get the most out of your time at USF. We'll have you feeling like a South Florida native be the end!

best parks near usf

Trails and Parks Near USF Campus

Escape the hustle and bustle and relax on the some the best trails and parks near USF.

things to do near usf

Things to Do Near USF

Tampa has plenty of unique entertaining activities. Check out our list of the best things to do near the USF campus.

have you heard USF

Have You Heard USF

Learn student tips about the University of South Florida

yelp usf tampa

Yelp Tampa Bay

Read reviews and try out the extensive food options that are around the University of South Florida.