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Your USF Apartment Search

We've rounded up our best tips to help you find apartments near USF where you can embrace your independence and thrive.

Renting VS. Commuting

Before You Move

You can't believe it's time to move into your first apartment near USF. These are our best articles to help you make sure you're ready!

Move-In Checklist Hire Moving Help
Furnished Apartment Shopping List 
First Apartment Grocery Shopping List

USF Apartment Life

You've used our search and found your new place, but what do you need to know about life in apartments?

Get The Most Out of Your Amenities
Move-Out Checklist
Living with Roommates | Pet Ownership for USF Students

Life as a USF Student

Be engaged, get involved, and find social and academic success even while living in USF off-campus housing.

Get Involved at USF | USF Campus Life
Top 5 Study Spots at USF

USF Student Voting Guide


Get to and from USF campus quickly and easily. Whether by car or by Bull Runner, you'll get where you need to go - fast.

Ultimate Guide to Parking on USF Campus
Bull Runner Shuttle Map
Getting Around USF

Getting To Know The USF Area

Want to get off-campus? Discover something fresh to do on a Friday night or a quick weekend adventure.

Trails and Parks Near USF Campus 
Things to Do Near USF
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start with my search for an apartment near USF?

The USF Student Guide is an awesome place to start! Check out the section on Your USF Apartment Search for articles answering questions like, "When is the best time to sign a lease?" and "What safety features should I look for in my apartment near The University of South Florida?" You can also browse our list of USF off-campus housing options to help you get an idea of what your apartment options are like.

Is it better to commute to USF campus or rent an apartment near USF campus?

This is a very personal decision and one that takes some thoughtful consideration. Luckily, our USF student guide covers this topic and can help you weigh your lifestyle, budget, academic and social needs, as well as transportation options to help you reach a decision. Some students commute from their family home to USF. If you're generally afforded independence and privacy from your current residence, this can be a good option. Of course, you may need to factor in the commute and the possibility that you'd feel disconnected from student life. On the other hand, an apartment comes with costs you'll need to factor in like rent and utilities but you may be able to save on transportation by living on a mass transportation route. Still, some students prefer on-campus housing for part of their time at USF. While the choice between commuting vs. renting can be tough, utilize to help make it easier! 

What is transportation and parking like near USF campus?

There are a variety of options for students living on and off campus to quickly and easily commute to USF. From the Bull Runner shuttle to parking solutions, the ApartmentsForBulls USF student guide has outlined nearly everything you need to know in our Ultimate Guide to Parking on USF Campus. You can also use our search to find apartments on the Bull Runner Shuttle route.

What should I put on my shopping list for a furnished apartment?

It can be difficult to plan for a furnished apartment near USF when you aren't sure what will be included with your furniture package! Check out the USF Student Guide's Furnished Apartment Shopping List for an overview of what you can expect to be included and items you might want to put on your shopping list.

Will apartments near USF allow me to adopt a dog?

There are plenty of pet friendly apartments near USF! Pet ownership is a big decision, especially during college when you have so many other responsibilities like classes, clubs, internships, and a part-time job. Our USF Student Guide can help you make the right decision, check out the article on pet ownership for USF students.