USF Apartment Move-Out Checklist

Whether you’re graduating from the University of South Florida or just moving into a new apartment near USF, there is a lot to take care of before you move out. Before you drop off your keys, be sure to…

Review Your Lease

Remember that document you signed when you moved in? It’s time to dig it up, as it will set the precedent for moving out of your apartment. If you can’t find your copy, you can request one from the apartment management company. This document will inform...

1. How much notice you need to give before moving out.
- This varies between 30 and 90 days, so definitely important to confirm.

2. The cost of breaking your lease in the event you move out early.
- Most of the time, this is two months’ rent, but there may be specific circumstances you agreed to when you signed your lease.

3. What happens to your rent if you move out after your lease ends.
- The month-to-month rate will generally be a big increase from what you have been paying.

4. Things you could be charged for upon move-out.

Once you’ve reviewed your lease and given your notice, your next step would be to…

Pack Up and Clean Up

It may have taken you several months to find the perfect place for everything in your USF apartment, but since you’ve given your notice, your move-out is on the clock. Try breaking these activities into small bits every day to avoid overwhelming yourself with two days left on your lease. You’ll want to…

1. Pack up your belongings.
- Clothes, kitchenware, books, you name it. Use this time to review items that would be better donated or thrown away.
- Note: H&M offers a great garment collection program for clothes you no longer wear, and they have several locations in the Tampa area.

2. Recruit help for moving.
- It’s a rite of passage to help your friends move, and fortunately, they can generally be thanked with pizza and/or beer.
- Prepare your major furniture pieces as best as you can before your moving crew arrives; clear out dresser drawers, disassemble bed frames, etc.

3. Deep clean your apartment.
- Break out your vacuum and rubber gloves because you want to give your apartment a deep clean to avoid getting dinged when you move-out.
- Hard water stains can be an issue in Florida, so really give those red rings in your sink and tub a good scrub.
- Don’t forget the oven! Even if you baked once every three months, this frequently forgotten (and frequently charged for) item needs to be cleaned.

College student moving out of USF apartment

Make Any Repairs

Once you’ve moved everything out and cleaned up, it’s time to make any repairs. That could range from patching holes in your walls from where you had things hanging to replacing burnt-out lightbulbs. These are seemingly small things that could warrant charges at move-out, so be meticulous in your work to take care of them.

Do the Final Walk-Through

Request a final walk-through with a member of your apartment’s management company to make sure you aren’t caught off guard by a bill of charges after you’ve moved out. They’ll let you know what you’re being charged for, even if they don’t have the exact amount right away. For example, if your carpet needs to be repaired, they will follow up with the pricing there.

Once that’s done, you’ll turn in your keys - then you’re officially moved out!

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