Safety Features at USF Apartments

Getting used to your new surroundings can be fun and, let's face it, a little stressful. You may be new to the USF area, or new to living on your own or with roommates. Safety and security features are likely at the forefront of your mind which is smart. Thankfully, we have a list of safety features at USF apartments to be on the lookout for that can give you peace of mind as you transition to new surroundings. Use to find the perfect student apartment and then find your most desired safety features. 

Gated Apartments

Living in a gated community is a great way to feel at peace in your new USF apartment. Options are always good, especially when it comes to safety. Luckily for you, there are options to the different types of access you can have depending on the community you live in. Some gated communities just simply require you to type in a code and you are granted access or others grant you access via a gate card. No matter what type, gated access can give you an extra layer of control and protection over who is entering and exiting the property and who you invite to stop by.

Alarm Systems

While alarm systems may not be at the top of your amenity priority list, like a pool or fitness center might be, paying the subscription fee to arm one can be priceless. If safety is your main concern while away at college, then having an alarm system in your USF apartment is a must-have! You can't put a price on peace of mind and that's exactly what this amenity will give you. An alarm system is a deterrent to intruders. Just a head's up. Apartments on the list for alarm systems are pre-wired for the technology. You will need to call the alarm service to activate the alarm and pay a monthly service fee to keep their response team on call.

Apartment Alarm System

Security Patrols or Courtesy Officers

This service may go by different names depending on the community but in general, courtesy patrols not only provide a potential layer of protection to your living situation but often have duties that serve to preserve the livability of your apartment community as well. Their role can be a general deterrent for crime, keep tabs on any closed-circuit monitoring and gated access, conduct foot patrols, monitor for package theft, remove loiterers, enforce community rules, and more.

Well Lit Exteriors

Adequate exterior lighting as a safety feature is pretty self-explanatory. Adequate and bright lighting in proximity to buildings, parking areas, and other low visibility areas is important. While it's certainly a deterrent for crime, it's also helpful as you can maintain safety while walking at night. It's no fun to trip and fall over poorly lit curbs or landscaping. Lighted exteriors that are strategically lit are just smart.

Individually Locking Bedrooms

There is a good chance you'll be sharing your apartment with roommates. While your roomies will hopefully be people you trust, or grow to trust, having your own personal and secure space is important and can provide peace of mind. It's never wrong to want to protect any belongings and valuables behind lock and key. Additionally, your roommates may have guests that aren't as familiar to you when you're home or away. Of course, this is a great time to mention you and your roommates should have an open, candid, and established policy on visitors to your apartment. Nevertheless, having an individually locking bedroom can provide that extra layer of care.

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