Top 5 Study Spots Near USF

Finding the perfect study spot close to your USF apartment and The University of South Florida campus doesn’t always come easy. There’s always your bedroom, but it isn’t always the most inspirational place and the distractions are plentiful. We’ve put together our top 5 study spots on and off-campus in hopes that it can help you find your optimal study location.

Campus Libraries:

Yes, we know, the library seems like an obvious choice, but we have a few tips to make sure your trip to study at the library is a success!

  • The first floor of the library is very popular. Between the coffee shop and groups of people, it can seem impossible to accomplish any actual studying – don’t let this turn you away. Head to another level!
  • The 5th floor is the Quiet floor and is a great place to focus. Even with the Quiet floor, we’ve found that the basement may just be the true “quiet” spot. Just be prepared to find a cozy corner on the floor because there aren’t very many seating options.
  • If you’ve found a great quiet area only to have a noisy group interrupt, you can always utilize this library noise report form.

There are other library options on campus you may not know about. The Shimberg Health Sciences Library is a great study spot if you are a USF Health student. Other departments may also have smaller libraries that you can utilize. These libraries may require you have it unlocked by a staff member. Be sure to ask if your department has a specialized library – this may just be the perfect low-key study spot you’ve been searching for.

The Marshall Student Center:

There are multiple study lounges situated throughout the center. Grab an espresso at the coffee shop and head to your favorite spot! Not sure where to start, check out these options:

  • The 1st floor offers plenty of seating options, but some may find it a little crowded for their liking.
  • If you need a group study room, the 2nd floor may have just what you need. It is first-come, first-serve, so you may want to arrive early if you want to snag one.
  • You’ll find comfortable seating options that are perfect for studying on your own or with a couple of classmates on the 3rd floor.
  • The 4th floor, our personal favorite, features the Skypad Lounge complete with study tables, white-boards, and vending snacks! There’s also a quiet lounge that’s perfect if you’re looking for a more private spot.
study rooms at USF apartments

Department Buildings and Empty Classrooms:

There are almost 100 buildings on campus and yet students will likely only ever enter a handful of them during their entire college career. We recommend exploring campus: ask a friend to show you around their favorite buildings or enter that building you pass every day and never went into. Explore all levels of the building. You may learn some fun USF history and even find your favorite study spot. And when it comes to a quiet study location, don’t underestimate that empty classroom you wander past. There is nothing wrong with hunkering down in it while a class isn’t in session.

Take it Outdoors:

On a nice fall or spring day, why not catch up on your homework or reading outside? If you don’t need access to the internet, your options are endless – choose any grassy spot and enjoy nature (or some people watching) between chapters. If you need access to the internet, we suggest sticking to the benches or tables found directly outside of major buildings as WiFi can be spotty outside. If you’re lucky enough to claim a solar table outside of the Chemistry building, you will even have access to charge your device while outside!

Unique Off-Campus Coffee Spots:

We love your infamous Starbucks and Einstein coffee shops both on and off-campus, but they can be hectic and noisy, and let’s face it, sometimes you just need a change of pace. These local spots may get your creative juices flowing when it is time to write your next paper.

  • Mojo Books & Records (2-minute drive from campus): This independent book and record store specializes in manual brewing and handcrafted flavors
  • Felicitous Coffee and Tea House (2-minute drive from campus): Choose from indoor and outdoor seating in what once was a private residence, grab a coffee and a bite to eat, and dive into your work. You can even bring your pup and order them a specialty treat!

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