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Are you a student looking for the best off-campus housing near USF? That's our specialty at Use our apartment search tools to find USF apartments for rent and narrow down tons of options so you discover the best apartment near USF to fit your lifestyle & budget.

Your academic advisor will help you plan the perfect course load - we'll help you find the perfect apartment to live in while you ace your college classes. You can search all of the best apartments for Bulls near The University of South Florida campus by what matters the most to you, from budget, to floor plan type, to features like private bathrooms and study rooms. We've done the research on what student apartments near USF have to offer, so you can choose the best place for next semester, with confidence.

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While you're busy becoming the expert in your major, let us take the pressure off and show you how we're the authority in ours - APARTMENTS! Our team is made up of local experts who can answer any questions you may have about apartments near USF, from signing your lease to the best restaurants in Tampa.

We have loads of FAQs and regularly make our way through Tampa checking out almost all the apartments near USF, as well as all the hot spots for students! We summarize it all so that you have everything you need to make your best decision on apartment living near the University of South Florida. From finding a location close to campus to helping you schedule tours, we make it our mission to be here for you as you find your dream home at school.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I be asking leasing agents when I tour apartments close to USF campus?

Keep a list of notes on your phone of important topics to bring up including furnishing options, pet policies, utility and cable bundles, roommate matching processes, resident events, guarantors, security deposits, and lease terms. You might consider creating a spreadsheet with each property's answers to your top 5 questions and concerns to help aid in your final apartment decision.

How do I find roommates for apartments near USF?

Most of the apartments in close proximity to The University of South Florida offer a roommate matching program at no additional cost. When you sign your lease, you'll be asked to fill out a roommate matching survey where you'll share things like your major, habits, cleanliness preferences, and more. The apartment will use this criteria to match you with roommates that have similar lifestyles. If you have friends you want to live with already, you can always choose your own roommates and then sign your lease to be placed in the same apartment.

What is the parking situation at apartments near USF – Do I need my car?

In general, most of the apartments near USF offer either flat-lot parking for residents or a parking garage. You'll need to ask each apartment about their monthly parking fees to weigh if your car payment + parking fee + car insurance is worth having a car during your time at USF. The cost of parking on campus each semester can add up and if you are running late and finding a space on campus can be a challenge. Good news if you're attending USF without a car, many of the apartments near campus are on the Bull Runner shuttle route, and students ride free with a student ID.

When should I sign my USF apartment lease for Fall move-in?

You can reserve a student apartment up to 12-months before your August move-in date. If you're in love with a particular floor plan, we'd suggest reserving your space as soon as January-March to be sure your favorite apartment is still available. You should definitely try to sign a lease before summer classes begin at USF. If you're a procrastinator, you should still be able to find spaces available as late as July, but options will be limited. To see if a floor plan is still available, just use the Check Availability button to reach out!

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • What grocery stores are near USF Apartments?

    Moving to college can be scary, and there can be a lot on your mind. From making sure you find your classroom on the first day of school, to making sure you packed everything you need. Finding a good grocery store near you is probably not on your priority list. That's okay though! We've got you covered, there are plenty of great grocery store choices near University of South Florida apartmentsthat can meet every student's needs. From cheaper alternatives, to specific brand names, we have... Read More »

  • Where are some good study spots near USF Apartments?

    College can be a very stressful and overwhelming time, and when it comes to studying we know you need a quiet space. Whether it's loud chaotic roommates, or just wanting to get out of your room, having a good study space during the school year is extremely important. Luckily, there are plenty of study spots to choose from near the University of South Florida apartments. From reading your books by the pool, to studying at a coffee shop, there is definitely the perfect study spot for... Read More »

  • I'm still looking for housing near USF for Fall 2024, any tips for last-minute apartment hunting?

    Are you still looking for an apartment near USF with an August 2024 move-in date? This summer is flying by but don't fear, ApartmentsForBulls is here to help! Here are 5 tips to help guide your apartment search near The University of South Florida and find the best community to meet your lifestyle and budget before classes begin at USF this Fall. 1. Consider Larger Floor Plan Types 1-bedroom apartments in Tampa, particularly at apartment communities walkable or a quick drive to the... Read More »

  • How do I budget my savings while I am at college staying in my USF off-campus apartment?

    Embarking on the journey of college life introduces newfound independence and responsibilities, particularly in the realm of USF off-campus living. While the allure of freedom is undoubtedly thrilling, it's essential to cultivate strong financial acumen and budgeting skills to ensure a college experience marked by fiscal stability and minimal stress. In this article, you'll discover actionable strategies aimed at economizing and crafting an efficient budget while residing in a Tampa... Read More »

  • What is it like interning for

    Interning at ApartmentsFor has been an enriching journey that extends beyond acquiring professional marketing skills. As a University of South Florida student, this opportunity has allowed me to integrate real-world applications seamlessly into my coursework. With the guidance of supportive mentors like Caroline Webb and Sydney Jamieson, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in practical experiences that complement my academic endeavors. An exemplary instance of this integration occurred... Read More »

  • I'm having a hard time sharing a fridge with my roommate? What are some tips?

    In the midst of quarantine-induced cabin fever, living with roommates might magnify the subtle yet irksome aspects of shared living. From disappearing food to messy spaces, roommate dynamics can undoubtedly test one's patience and sanity. While some enjoy amicable relationships, others might find themselves grappling with mismatched roommate compatibility, even after using roommate matching services. Resolving fridge-sharing dilemmas requires a delicate balance where both parties need to... Read More »

You can find
Student Apartments

As home to the USF main campus, the city of Tampa and the apartments at the heart of the surrounding neighborhoods understand the need for apartments for Bulls. They know the importance of living in a community you love. Whether you're looking for a one-bedroom or four-bedroom apartment, the communities near campus make it their mission to give USF Bulls the best environments to foster friendships and make you feel at home. Nothing enhances the college experience more!

You can find
All-Inclusive Apartments

With all-inclusive USF apartments, there’s no need to worry about paying a separate bill for rent and utilities. Since they’re typically the most cost-effective option, choosing all-inclusive student housing in Tampa saves you both time and money. Leave the organization for that next big project and consolidate your rent payment, electric bill, and even cable and internet with an all-inclusive property.

You can find
Roommate Matching

It’s important to live with someone you can get along with, which is why so many USF apartments offer roommate matching services. Apartments use various tools to best match you with other students with similar lifestyles and interests. Try the filter for "Roommate Matching Available" on, making it easier than ever to find roommates to share the college experience with.

You can find
Furnished Apartments

How do you get a homey atmosphere at a fraction of the cost? By renting one of the many furnished apartments near USF. Finding a place with a furniture package ready to go makes your move-in experience hassle-free and can help keep costs down. Your friends are sure to be jealous of your awesome decor; you really don’t have to tell them that it all came with your new place.