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      Find Pet Friendly Apartments Near USF in Tampa, FL

      Pet Friendly Apartments near USF

      Some renters may be worried about finding a new place that also welcomes their pets. Look no further than pet-friendly apartments near the University of South Florida that may allow cats, dogs, birds, and other exotic species. When looking for pet-friendly communities, there are a few things to keep in mind based on the type of pet you have.

      • Residents with dogs: Some communities have breed or weight restrictions for dogs. These restrictions may be listed on their website; however, contact the leasing office directly to ask about your pet for the most up-to-date information. Other amenities to look for include pet pick-up stations and dog walk areas.
      • Residents with cats: Some residents with cats own multiple pets. While up to two cats are usually allowed in many pet-friendly USF apartments, other communities only allow one and it may be difficult to find apartments that allow three or more cats. Ask the leasing office for permission to add additional pets if the option is available.

      Rules for Pet-Friendly Apartments near USF

      Many apartments charge fees for pets inside the unit. This may be a one-time fee per pet or a monthly fee paid in combination with the rent. These fees cover any potential damage that may be caused by pets (walls, door frames, or carpeting, for example) as well as additional cleaning that may be needed after you move out. In addition to restrictions on breeds or the number of pets, some communities may ask you to provide a photo of your pet or veterinary records. Preparing this information beforehand will be helpful for a smoother move-in process.

      Best Lease Types for Pet-Friendly Apartments near the University of South Florida

      Residents who do not own a pet but plan to own one in the future may want to avoid the hassle of moving later and choose a pet-friendly community now. This will allow you to find long-term leases with contracts typically renewed once per year. The benefits of long-term leases include constant monthly rent and more residential stability. If you'd rather move into a pet-friendly apartment near USF once you adopt a new pet, you can find several communities with short term leases to avoid fees associated with breaking a leasing contract.

      How to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy in USF Apartments

      Dogs are more likely than cats to become bored and restless in an apartment, especially if they have tons of energy! This article can give you some helpful tips on how to keep an active dog happy in a rental apartment. Although one bedroom USF apartments may be suitable for some dogs, you may want to find a larger floor plan to give your active dog more space to explore. Don't forget that cats can also become lonely and restless if left home alone while you are at work or school. Apartments with roommate matching may help you find other residents with cats that can keep your pet company. Otherwise, make sure to give you cat extra love and play time while you're at home.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do apartments near USF allow pets?

      It is becoming more common for pets to be allowed at off campus student housing communities. Some of these pet-friendly student properties may even have pet parks to let your furry friend roam leash free and meet new friends! If you decide to bring your pet with you to college and plan to live with roommates, it's important to be respectful of their boundaries and personal space. It may be a good idea to have a quick chat with them upon move-in regarding everyone's expectations of living with a pet.

      Do apartments near USF charge monthly pet rent?

      In addition to the pet deposit that will be required prior to moving in, you can expect to pay a monthly pet fee as well. This fee will vary at each community, but you can expect to pay between $25-$50 per pet each month. It is important to have a clear understanding of the pet policies and fees involved before signing your lease.

      What breed restrictions can I expect at apartments near USF?

      As you've probably heard, communities typically have a restricted breed list of dogs that are not allowed to live in their apartments. These breed restrictions are put in place by the property's insurance policy and may vary slightly at each community. Dog breeds you will typically find on this list include German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Chow, and Rottweilers. This list is not exclusive, so it's important to ask each community what their pet policies entail and any breed restrictions they may have.

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