What are the closest neighborhoods for renting an apartment near The University of South Florida?

The University of South Florida, home to the bulls, sits at the foot of the heart of Tampa. Students looking for off-campus housing often stumble across the age-old question of "where should I live?" Considering the location, cost, and proximity to USF are most essential and play a prominent role in choosing apartments. Yet, being miles away from campus can make that a little complicated. Here are the top 3 closest neighborhoods to find apartments near USF's campus.

University Square

University square, which is at the southwest end of the campus, offers proximity and leisure. The neighborhood has the University mall across from it. Residents of the area can enjoy boba from Chewy's Boba Company, escape rooms, and some dinner from Miller's alehouse while they peruse the mall. The neighborhood also aligns with Bruce B. Downs Blvd, meaning there's excellent commuting access if you're not feeling the morning walk from your USF apartment. University Square is also close to one of USF's best features: its botanical gardens. Finding an apartment in University Square could assure some weekend trips to the parks with roommates and friends.

Park Place

Park Place of Tampa faces the north end of the campus. Although University Squares packs the nightlife, Park Place of Tampa takes the cake with proximity. Fletcher Ave splits the neighborhood and the school meaning many apartments are only a street away from campus. The north end of USF is where parking and the Bull Runner are located. Apartments near this neighborhood have an advantage in commute because of proximity. Whether you're parking, walking, or riding the bus, Park Place of Tampa seems like the perfect place for USF Bulls. Additionally, who wouldn't want to be at a walk's distance from Publix.


Uptown Tampa's neighborhood narrows out another corner of USF's campus as it faces the south side of the school. Apartments in these areas are closest to class buildings and colleges, such as the engineering school, the Yuengling center, and business school. The most significant advantage of Uptown Tampa is that it connects with Fowler Ave, another one of the main roads for USF students. Apartments in this neighborhood also are close to administration buildings like the alumni center and the campus information center. The area also has many hotels, so if parents want to come for a weekend, they'll stay close to your apartment.

Ultimately, pricing varies by location, but it comes down to what you prioritize. University Square will be closer to the action as the mall, clubs, and restaurants will attract college students at all hours of the day. Yet, Uptown Tampa offers a quieter and respectively closer place for those who prioritize distance from class. No one wants to wake up hours before their 8:30 a.m. class when they could just wake up 15 minutes before. Park Place of Tampa is for those who want to live efficiently; the main road, grocery store, and supermarkets reside within and around the neighborhood. Most importantly, before setting your sights on a USF apartment, what you prioritize.


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