What is the closest neighborhood to USF?

The University of South Florida is located in the heart of Tampa. Although Tampa is much bigger than your average “college town” you will find that the surrounding neighborhoods near USF are quite prideful in supporting Bulls Country. When looking for USF apartments, it is almost difficult narrowing down your choices when looking for a great neighborhood to settle down in. In fact, Tampa is one of the largest cities in the state of Florida. The best way to find a great spot, may be limiting your choices to location.

Staying close to campus is definitely advantageous for those who will be taking classes daily at the University. It is no secret that the campus is overwhelmed in little parking spaces and surrounded by rush hour traffic. Thus, many stidents prefer to be within walking distance to campus.

If you are one of these students who will trade in any sacrifice in order to avoid the thirty-minute battle of finding a decent parking spot, the best neighborhood to live in will either be New Tampa, or staying near the Fletcher and Fowler areas.

New Tampa is probably one of the fastest growing, most popular and most expensive places to live when on a student budget. Although there are more affordable places to live on Bruce B Downs, it is best to stay closest to the University in order to avoid those sky high rent price. However, USF apartments in New Tampa are spacious, upgraded, newer, and surrounded by convenience. Several Drug stores, grocery stores and malls are located in the neighborhood, making it highly sought after. On the down side. New Tampa does experience heavy traffic down its newly and continuously constructed roads, as major road ways such as I-4, I-75 and I-275 are within minutes reach from this area.

Fowler and Fletcher are the main roads surrounding the University of South Florida. Bearing in mind that these roads do tend to become congested, most apartments near USF on these streets are within walking distance from campus. These properties are also very accommodating for students, offering student housing, bus stops to school on the BullRunner, and twenty-four hour computer labs. Living in these neighborhoods can allow you to get to school quicker, avoid parking dilemmas, and help you become more involved in the Bulls Community.

Overall, there are many neighborhoods to choose from when looking to live near USF. However, staying closer to the student area may be helpful when commuting to class several days a week. Additionally, rent prices may be cheaper and the student atmosphere more lively. Try searching for USF apartments in New Tampa or in properties near Fletcher and Fowler Avenues.

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