Are there any scholarships that students living in Tampa can apply for?

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Campus Lodge residents can apply for scholarships in the computer room at the complex or at the desk in their unit.

There are plenty of scholarships for students living in apartments near USF, but so many never even apply for them. Scholarships can be difficult to find but rest assured, they are out there. No matter your major, financial need, or GPA, there is certainly a scholarship that you qualify for. Finding scholarships is a bit easier for undergraduate students, particularly freshmen, but graduate students are also eligible for quite a few. Below you'll find a list of just a few of the many scholarships that you as a USF student can apply for.  

USF Presidential Award

Kicking it off with the largest scholarship on the list for $20,000, we have the USF Presidential Award For Florida Residents. This scholarship is available to high school seniors from the state of Florida. Applicants are expected to have a weighted GPA of at least 4.0 and must have an SAT score of 1430 or higher and an ACT score of 32 or higher. This scholarship is exclusively available to students attending the University of South Florida. In order to be considered all applicants must apply by January 15th of 2022. Only one student will receive this scholarship, but if you have the grades you may as well apply. 

Bright Futures Scholarship

If you're a Florida resident, you should apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship. To start, make sure to fill out the Florida Financial Aid Application, or the FFAA, by August 31st of the year that you graduate high school. There are several categories of scholarships depending on your grades, SAT or ACT scores, and community service hours, but the highest award covers 100% of tuition for up to 120 credit hours. Make sure to look at the full handbook for more detailed information about the requirements. In order to receive this scholarship each semester, you must maintain a certain GPA depending on the award that you received. Ensure that you keep those grades up by studying hard in USF apartments with study rooms. 

USF Fellowships and Scholarships

Students at the University of South Florida are eligible for various scholarships and fellowships from the university. USF offers both need and merit-based scholarships in several amounts. Personally, I've applied for many scholarships, both as an undergraduate and master's student, and through my experience in doing so, I've found that it's best to apply for scholarships specifically for groups that you would consider yourself a part of. For example, USF offers a scholarship for undergraduate students with disabilities called the Audre Mossberg Memorial Scholarship. Any student that suffers from a disability or hopes to pursue a career that would positively impact people with disabilities is eligible to apply. 

For graduate students, the University of South Florida offers the Gainer Family Excellence Scholarship for graduate students in health-related fields. If you're a graduate student in such a field, make sure to apply. Also, check out graduate student housing near USF to find amazing apartments near USF to live in while you pursue your master's degree.  

Well, there you have it. These are just a few of the countless scholarships for students attending USF. Make sure to apply for the ones that you qualify for and good luck! 

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