Me and my USF apartment roommates aren’t getting along. What can I do to fix this?

Not getting along with your roommates can put a huge strain on your living arrangement in your USF apartment. But not to worry, everyone goes through stages with their roommates and it is near impossible to spend your entire tenancy in your USF apartment happy with each other. However, with a few simple steps you can spend the majority of your time with your USF apartment roommates happy and friendly.

While it's is close to impossible to be happy with your USF roommates all of the time there are a few things you can do to improve your overall situation with them. If you and your USF apartment roommates are already living with tension between you guys then the first thing you have to do is work out that tension. Sit down with each other and don't be afraid to speak your minds. Keep an open and honest line of communication open between each other and make sure you do so with a respectful tone. Being honest with your USF apartment roommate is pointless if you're going to scream what you're thinking at them, or say it in a rude or snide tone. So make sure you approach them with dignity and respect with any problems you might have and they should be much easier to work out then.

Try taking a break from each other. Even if you and your USF roommate were the best of friends before you moved into your USF apartment with each other, you're going to eventually need a break from each other. Considering spending some down time alone in your room, or going out of your USF apartment to find some solace. You'll find that taking a breather from each other can go a long way in repairing your roommate bonds.

Consider sitting down with your roommate to discuss your issues and come up with a plan of action. Once you've laid your issues out on the table each of you should consider coming up with a list of rules that you want everyone in your USF apartment to follow. Discuss them, edit them, and finalize them. Once you've come up with a list of rules it's much easier to not cross your roommates' boundaries which will in turn lead to you and your roommates leading a much happier tenancy together.

Living with roommates can be tricky whether you're strangers when you first move in together, or the best of friends. Once you know how to navigate your USF apartment with them, and acknowledge how they like to have things done around your USF apartment, you and your USF apartment roommates should see a dramatic improvement in your relationship almost immediately!

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