I need help finding a cheap apartment, where should I look?

Are you searching for cheap apartments near USF? The hunt for low-cost homes has become increasingly popular amongst students attending college. As tuition continuously rises, many students have been forced to find comfort in student housing that wont break the bank.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when searching for apartments near USF is finding a unit that will allow you to steer clear of financial instability. Fortunately, the Tampa Bay area has a large student population in the area, which encourages the city to remain fairly priced near the college campuses.

Just near the academic institution is a plethora of suitable housing options. Similar to most student districts, there are plenty of collegiate deemed buildings and properties surrounding this part of town. This is especially beneficial for those who are attending the nearby university.

Closest to campus, and most predominately occupied by students is the Temple Terrace Neighborhood. Communities located within this area, specially located along fletcher and Fowler Avenues are known for their affordable USF apartments. Many of these properties offer student friendly floor plans. Such units include shared dwelling spaces with separate bathrooms and bedrooms. This is a very cost effective option as these room rentals can be as low as $400 per month.

If you have graduated from roommate fun, there are still cheaper options within this area. Nearly all communities in Temple Terrace offer one-bedroom units. Although this will be more costly then sharing a home with another classmate, this area still remains more affordable than other parts surrounding the USF campus.

New Tampa is another option to consider when searching for affordable homes. However, New Tampa is also known for its expensive and high-end rentals. Therefore, in order to stay on the lower end of the spectrum, it is best to stay near the intersection of Bearss Avenue and Bruce B Downs Boulevard.  Homes along this area are a mix of old and new and are still mostly occupied with students. Additionally the drive is just a short commute to campus.

Conversely, if you are looking to shy away from the college based town, driving further North down Bruce B Downs Boulevard may be more accommodating. However, communities near this part of town may be more luxurious and pricey.  Traffic also tends to build up along Bruce B Downs during rush hour time due to the smaller roads and heavy construction along the major roadways.

Busch Boulevard is another known area to have accommodating rental prices. Although some properties near this street are older, there have been some newly built communities just across the street from Busch Gardens and campus.

If you are searching for cheap apartments near USF, it is best to stay near campus. Many communities are catered to the student budget and even offer beneficial floor plans to help cut costs.If you prefer to be a little further from school, New Tampa is another viable option. However, it does tend to be pricier than those locations just near campus.

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