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Jaelynn Hart

Jaelynn is a spunky twenty-something ready to face the world head on. Living her entire life in Florida, she aspires to travel the world once she graduates, exploring new places and cultures and meeting people that give her the inspiration and experience she needs to be a writer. Working towards a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and in Media Communication Studies from Florida State University, Jaelynn is studying communication comprehension and story development with the intention of helping others and reaching out to inspire change.

Jaelynn currently works with her campus' faculty, holding a position in the University Housing office as a student receptionist. In this role, she is able to connect with the students of Florida State by answering any questions about on- and off-campus living, the move-in process, solving conflict, and many other responsibilities that are taken care of directly with the student in question. Helping others is an integral part of her values, and she enjoys helping the students get acclimated to their new living environment.

A native of Lake City, Florida, Jaelynn is no stranger to moving to new cities, having moved around with her family a total of ten times before leaving for college. When searching for a new space, her top priorities are somewhere spacious, safe, close to school, and somewhere that's pet friendly. She enjoys somewhere that is quiet, yet also has enough space for her and her roommates to have mini concerts without disturbing their neighbors. It is also important to have enough space for her two cats, Mason and Cammy, to run around as they please.

When Jaelynn is not working, she is writes for Her Campus FSU and updates her blog, A Heart to Hart, where she writes about her life and experiences, gives advice, and writes the most up-to-date news about politics, entertainment, and much more. In her writing, she provides in-depth and personal experiences to connect with her readers.

Since helping others is such a core trait of Jaelynn's, she is excited to join the RentTally team to have more of an opportunity to do so. She knows how stressful and intimidating moving can be, but she hopes to be a helping hand to someone searching for a new experience.