USF Apartment Amenities

Apartments near USF come with a myriad of incredible amenities to help students thrive. From in-home amenities to community offerings, apartments are typically pulling out all the stops when it comes to upgrades and extras. Of course, there is a spectrum of options available, from more bare-bones, budget-friendly choices to the epitome of best-in-class luxury. But, how can you be sure you're choosing an apartment that has a package of amenities that mean something to you, that you'll use, that fit your lifestyle and budget? At, we've become experts in knowing what students want, and what they'll use, and have put together a list of considerations for you to take into account when shopping for your new home.

Make the Most of In-Home Amenities

In-home apartment amenities for properties near USF run the gamut. Generally speaking, these apartments are well-appointed with complete kitchens, some with top of the line appliance packages, wood or vinyl floors, washers and dryers, and balconies and patios. Of course, these features can come at a more premium price. Before jumping at EVERY bell and whistle available, consider your lifestyle and make some decisions from there.

USF interior apartment amenities


While a kitchen fit for a competition cooking show is nice, be honest with yourself. Do you LOVE to cook? Do you have time? If the answer is yes, then this is likely an amenity you'd prioritize. of course, get your money's worth and use it! Save some coin on going out to each and whip up fabulous meals for your friends at home. Host a pot-luck and use that fridge space for yummy leftovers and the microwave for reheating. Likewise, if you're hardly home, an apartment that offers a more basic set up might fit the bill. If you're not a fan of saute pans or just heating up mac and cheese on the regular, you can be on the lookout for other more important-to-you amenities.

Washers and Dryers:

According to several apartment industry surveys, this is one of the most popular amenities for renters and it's no surprise. Having an in-unit washer and dryer can save you trips to the community laundry facility (but hey, you WILL sacrifice your daily step-count so just consider that!). More importantly, if you have energy-efficient appliances, you will likely save some cash rather than having to pay for the laundry facility. It's pretty simple to make the most of having your washing just steps away...DO IT! Set a weekly laundry schedule. Do you have a fav show you like to binge-watch on a Tuesday night? Throw a load in to wash and dry and fold while you enjoy it.

Interior and Exterior Features

Mainly, balconies and hard floors. Again, these features can come at a slightly more premium price, but, consider this. You will be spending a lot of time at home. Most do. If you like the aesthetics of your space would like it to be easy to care for, and enjoy fresh air, consider these features. Especially if you have pets! Hardwood or vinyl floors are easy to maintain and provide a nice look throughout your home. Likewise, a patio or balcony space can be a really nice way to enjoy your favorite book and beverage and get some fresh air. Having some exterior space to work with can help you feel less cramped if your overall interior square footage is on the smaller side as well.

Make the Most of Community Amenities

There's a chance you were smitten with photos of incredible common areas around apartments on your must-see list. As you should be! But, we still want you to get the most out of the many amenities choices apartments near USF have to offer so you can live in an apartment off-campus that fits your lifestyle and budget without sacrificing a thing. A small shift here and there can pay dividends not only in your bank account but in how you enjoy your new home and community as well. Here's how to make the most of some of the most popular community amenities.

USF apartment amenities


Pools, especially many of the sparkling blue, resort-style oasis's properties are providing are appealing for sure. They beckon you with thoughts of vacation as opposed to long afternoons studying. While everyone deserves a little R&R, consider if the luxury amenities fit your overall budget and if you'll actually use the pool? Does it offer space to swim laps? Are you a social butterfly and is the pool area designed for social gatherings? Does your community host resident events there? Conversely, are you typically trying to stay out of the sun for health reasons? Of course, it is Florida, and sometimes even a simple pool on the property is nice to have for a dip on an oppressively hot day. Just consider the amenities in the entire holistic picture of choosing your apartment. If your community does offer a pool that gives you the ability to swim laps, consider switching up your workout routine! Train for a local triathlon or, simply grab some extra snacks and make some new friends.

Fitness Centers:

We're noticing at ApartmentsForBulls that many communities are offering a better array of equipment at their on-site fitness facilities. That is if they aren't downright state-of-the-art and rival any gym you might join near your USF apartment. Again, this type of community amenity, especially the on-site gym with every training tool you can dream of, might hike up your price so consider your needs and health habits. If having facilities steps away can save you a few bucks on commute and membership to an outside gym it's well worth it. Likewise, the proximity may motivate you to actually take up a routine to help you manage stress and sleep better!


In student-focused communities, clubhouses tend to be the center of the action. Properties host resident events, game nights, movie screenings, and other great events for networking. If you're especially social, be on the lookout for great spaces you'll want to be sure to spend time in. On the other hand, don't write this off if you tend to be a wallflower. In college, above all else, is where we can encourage you to come out of our shell and meet new people. Your apartment community and be a perfect place. Meet friendly faces close to home and in a casual and comfortable environment. Another benefit to spacious and well-appointed clubhouses is that those focused on students are providing study rooms and group project spaces to rival any on-campus library. So, whether you need a change of scenery or an even quicker and quieter place to begin hitting the books for mid-terms, the perfect spot is just steps away.

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