Will there be a lot of traffic at the start of football season?

College football is known to be the pride of the South. A community of football fans-whether it be large or small- is a powerful thing. You can definitely be sure to experience the USF community doling out little tastes of glory throughout the college football season.

USF apartments, unlike its sister in state schools such as FSU and UCF, are not near its football stadium. Although the University is located in the heart of the Tampa Bay area, the football stadium is located south of the school near downtown and the airport. The USF bulls play at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thus, there will rarely be traffic near USF apartments come game day.

However, if you plan to live near South Tampa, you may want to prepare yourself for more congestion come football season. Although game days may start no earlier than noon, traffic can start as early as 7am and last until midnight. Although the South Dale Mabry area will experience the worst of the traffic, surrounding areas near USF apartments will not be affected.

The USF campus area experiences mild noise when it comes to game day. Most students continue throughout their class days unaffected. However, if you do live in apartments near USF, student residents do not keep quiet when it comes to cheering on their Bulls. Expect to discover many festivities near campus housing and its surrounding restaurants and bars. Favorite hangouts include the campus Beef O' Brady's, Bull's Club, and Hooters. Campus areas such a Greek Village, and one and off campus student housing can especially become lively throughout football season. As a result of most of these locations being walking distance from campus, you will rarely experience any traffic on these occasions.

In the event that the Bulls experience a win, the traffic will head to SoHo where a victory celebration lasts until the closing hours. If you want to avoid game day traffic, stay clear of the Hyde Park and South Howard neighborhoods.

Overall, when living in apartments near USF, residents will rarely, if ever, experience traffic due to the college football season. Although there will be lively events and festivities near and around campus come game day, this will rarely attract traffic to the community. However, locations such as South Tampa and downtown will experience the bulk of the traffic mainly because the USF football stadium is located in this area.

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