I'm a Graduate Student at USF, where I can study during late hours?

The USF area is accommodating to USF undergraduates and graduate students alike. The three-story campus library is often open twenty-four hours a day during midterms and finals and stays open until midnight during off-season. This study hall is only a walking distance from student housing! If the library is not the best place for you to focus on your studies, try using one of the many benches placed under the shady trees throughout campus or take a window seat over looking the University in the Marshall center. If you are in need a study break, you can walk to the local Starbucks on the first floor of the USF library or even drive or walk to one right outside the campus where free wifi is available. If coffee isn't for you, try a smoothie from Jomba Juice located right across from the soccer fields! Living near USF offers plenty of studious spaces for you to take advantage of!

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