Are all of the USF apartments old?

Although many neighborhoods surrounding the University of South Florida area are amongst the reputable and older communities in the Tampa Bay area, there has recently been an influx of housing—and none of the bad. In fact, USF apartments have undergone reconstructive surgery, updating and remodeling many of the surrounding apartment communities in the area.

The majority of Hillsborough County properties are a well-blended mix of older and newer models. However, with much of the expansion to USF, the housing community has become emblazoned in a wave of brand new homes and USF apartments. For starters, just on campus, the Tampa based University has built several new dormitory areas to accommodate to the modern student. These are not your standard student apartments. Much of these buildings include late night diners inside equipped with ipad menus, and centralized common areas with modern architecture and flat screen TV's. There is also condo-style housing on campus. These units include four bedrooms, a shared kitchen, living room and laundry room. If there is not a washer and dryer machine included in the unit, there are several brand new laundry facilities on campus that doesn't require you to leave your building.

Just off of campus is a sea of brand new Florida style properties. Much of these units, just minutes from Pinellas county's best beaches such as Clearwater and St. Pete beach, include modern design and resort style living. Although these floor plans are designed with the student in mind, many of these properties tend to infiltrate a downtown Tampa feel in their designs. Meaning, there is a good chance your dwelling will include granite counter tops, balcony porches and Olympic sized swimming pools.

If you do head towards the North Tampa neighborhood, further from the campus location, you will find that student apartments near USF in these areas do tend to be a bit older than the communities just near the college. However, some of these buildings offer more spacious living quarters than a few of the USF apartments.

The new modern trend in housing seems to keep spreading throughout the bay area and remaining at a relatively fair price for renters. Although you will certainly encounter specific areas in Tampa that are engulfed with older living conditions, you should not be surprised to discover that the majority of housing communities near the University of South Florida are fairly new.

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