What do I do if my apartment in Tampa does not offer recycling?

While many apartments in the USF area are all-inclusive, they do not always offer recycling on site. However, this does not mean your green efforts are halted. There are many recycling drop off locations scattered throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. One of the most popular recycling drop off spots near USF apartments is on campus! The USF Recycling Center includes recycling bins for newspapers, mixed paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastics. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to drop off their recyclables. Additionally, Hillsborough County has a comprehensive list of places that serve as recycling drop off stations. Since there are so many locations throughout Tampa, you're sure to find a convenient location not far from where you live.

The are plenty of ways to earn money by recycling in Tampa. You can recycle cans, paper, metals, electronics, clothes and so much more. Earning a green living is not only great for the environment, but it can also be lucrative. Things like plastic and aluminum are usually paid by weight. Since these items are light weight, you won't be retiring on these funds. For example, it takes about 34 cans to make up one pound of aluminum. The price per pound will range based on the price of aluminum in the world market. To find out how much your cans can earn, your best bet will be to call your local recycling dealer and ask what the going rate is. If you are going through the trouble of sorting your recyclables and dropping them off, you may as well get paid for it.

If you are new to the recycling game, you might be wondering what the rules are and how to not spend your entire day sorting through your trash. Tampa has its own set of rules for recycling, but generally you want to separate by three categories: paper, plastic, and aluminum. Find out how to properly dispose of batteries, light bulbs, electronics, strong chemicals, aerosol containers, and paints in your area. Consult your local waste management services website for details. Collect these special items in one container until you have enough to make a special trip. If you have space in a garage, utility room, or mudroom, set up a full-featured spot to sort and gather all items that can be recycled, reused, or returned. Some apartments with washers and dryers have a laundry room, which could be an ideal place to sort your recyclables. If you combine stackable containers and label each container with the intended item so you can sort as you go. This saves you time and makes a clear and simple system for roommates or guests. Recycling does not have to be a huge chore. If you sort as you go, this can become part of your routine. Do not be discourages if your Tampa apartment community does not offer recycling on site. Many of the best apartments in Tampa do not offer this amenity.

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