With a new semester starting up again, I have found myself more stressed and overwhelmed with work. Any tips for de-stressing in apartments near USF?

If you are a student attending the University of South Florida either part-time or full-time, you understand the pressure and struggle that can come along with achieving academic success at a four-year university. Once you factor in parents' expectations, maintaining financial aid and scholarships, and the pressure you might put on yourself, it's a lot to carry around and think about all the time.

Sometimes you owe it to yourself to take a step back and realize that anyone under that much pressure to succeed needs health mental breaks every once and a while. If you want to let go of stress, the best way is to start with things you like to do or normally don't have time to do.

Start a New Project in USF Apartments

To start, it helps to begin a new task or activity to get your mind off worrying about everyday responsibilities and stressors. I find that when I go on my phone and scroll through social media, I see a bunch of cool DIY and at-home activities that I never have time to do. The reality is that I do have the time, I just choose to prioritize school over everything, including my wellbeing sometimes.

If this is something you also do, the best next step is to think of something you've expressed an interest in and act on it. If you've always wanted to paint and draw in apartments near USF, buy some supplies and start painting. If outdoor yoga and meditation are things you've always wanted to try, getting an apartment with a patio or balcony can be a great option. If cooking a new dish sounds fun, buy some ingredients and start cooking. Regardless of your preferences, anything can be therapeutic, fun, and help alleviate stress if you take some time for yourself to enjoy it.

Look for Activities in Proximity of Apartments Near USF

Finding something fun to do doesn't have to be difficult. There are plenty of things to do near the University of South Florida. You could go see a movie, go shopping at University Mall and fill up your walk-in closet with stylish clothes, or attend a yoga class at a fitness center near your USF apartment. The possibilities are endless and more attainable than you think.

Sometimes doing things in your apartment near USF isn't enough of a change of scenery. Separating your place of work and studying from your place of relaxation and fun is a great idea.

Try New Things in USF Apartments

If the activities you normally do to de-stress aren't working anymore, try something you've never tried before. Pottery, thrifting, dance classes, whatever it is, just do it. You might find yourself loving something you never expected to love. When I de-stress, I like to meditate and do yoga. I never thought something could help me de-stress so well until I looked up beginner yoga and meditation and started. Don't hesitate to think outside the box and do cool, new things every once and a while.

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