What USF apartments have well equipped kitchens?

If you are going to USF and hoping to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the most important amenity to look at when searching through USF apartments is a kitchen. Not just a kitchen however, you should look for a kitchen that provides you with the most features possible. In the journey to stay healthy, at least eighty percent of the work comes from what you eat.

Being a student, it can be more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are living on campus. Whether you are moving out of the dorms or coming to the university for the first time, living off campus will give you a great advantage in staying healthy. One of the best apartments near USF that I could recommend based on its kitchen is ON50 Apartments.

Many of the USF apartments that have appliance stacked kitchens are more expensive, but ON50 Apartments is a great option for students that like to cook their own food. It's very affordable, and has floor plan options ranging from one to four people. There is even roommate matching if you don't really know anyone in the area yet. Maybe you can match up with some people that are as health conscious as you and cook together.

Now let's talk about the kitchen, which is the main differential between ON50 and other USF apartments. The kitchen is what I would describe as cubed, with one entry way and three walls. Don't worry about being too enclosed though, there is an opening between the kitchen and the living area so you can interact with people while cooking.

Because of this cube design, the kitchen in these units has plenty of counter space surrounding you. Therefore if more than one person is cooking at a time, there is good amount of counter space to fit all of your ingredients. One person can use one side of the kitchen, while the other person uses the other.

In terms of kitchen appliances, ON50 really outshines many other USF apartments. Aside from basic kitchen appliances such as a stove, oven and refrigerator, there is a microwave in the kitchen. This is extremely useful for any college student who may not have the time to cook every day. Just cook all your food on Sunday and store it in containers to refrigerate. When you are ready to eat, just microwave your food and you are ready to go.

There is also a dishwasher, which can be a necessity for anyone who cooks most of their meals. No one wants to deal with a massive dish pile up, especially if you are living with other people. A dishwasher is a great way to keep the flow of clean and dirty dishes going, just make sure that you only use the dishwasher when it is full as to not overdue your water usage.

Finally, ON50 kitchens also come with a garbage disposal. Having a garbage disposal will really help with the sink cleanup, allowing for any easy place to dispose of the mess you made. The added benefit is that it will help your kitchen smell a lot better, because you will things such as potato peels sitting in your trash to rot.

In terms of looking for a well equipped kitchen, ON50 is a great options amongst apartments near USF, especially if you are looking for something affordable. If this apartment does not suit your other needs, there are other USF apartments for you to consider. If you need any help sorting through all the options, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at Renttampabay.

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