Where are some of the more known areas to live near USF?

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Citrus Falls in located in North Tampa.

USF apartments are located in the center of Tampa Bay. Like most large cities, Tampa falls trap to its large geographical boundaries, leaving many new residents and visitors unsure of where they should live.

USF apartments are dispersed throughout several neighborhoods. From North to South Tampa, the city offers a variety of different locations that are accommodating to nearly every lifestyle. If you are new to USF or the Tampa bay area, it may be best to familiarize yourself with each type of area. After all, many districts are preferential.

The University of South Florida is located closest to New Tampa. New Tampa is the up and coming neighborhood in Hillsborough County. USF apartments in New Tampa are surrounded by a blend of modernized charm, residential neighborhoods and plenty of entertainment. New communities seemingly keep populating the town along with higher-end restaurants, bars and coffee shops. There are plenty of things to do in the area aside from dinning such a shopping, a movie theatre and family other friendly activities.  Properties in New Tampa can range from low to high depending on which part of the district you live in. USF apartments located closer to campus tend to be much less expensive than those properties located in Tampa Palms.

North Tampa is somewhat overlapped into parts of the New Tampa district. North Tampa is an older neighborhood, established on reputation. Located on Dale Mabry, one of Tampa's main roads, there is just as much to do in this part of town. Although USF apartments may be further away from campus, communities are often quite affordable. Additionally, this area is closer to downtown, the beach, and Raymond James stadium.

South Tampa is the farthest away from the academic institution, yet many students tend to live in this part of the city. USF apartments located in South Tampa are surrounding by night life. This district is known for its strip of bars along South Howard Avenue. Additionally, most things are within walking distance from the gym, Publix, Starbucks, and more. This area is also fairly close to the beach, downtown, the airport and much more. Properties in this district can be quite expensive and most communities are older. Parking may also be hard to come by. However, many residents find that South Tampa's benefits outweigh these few setbacks.

Very few students live in the downtown region of Tampa mainly due to its twenty t to thirty-minute hike from school. Additionally, unlike most downtown regions, Downtown Tampa is not the most entertaining district. This region of the city is mostly catered to the business entities of town.  Communities are more upscale in this area and are often quite expensive.

There are many neighborhoods throughout Tampa Bay. However, you may find that many students tend to live in either New, North or South Tampa.

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