How can I redecorate my USF apartment on a budget?

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Refresh your Campus Palms apartment with these budget-friendly redecorating tips.

I recently read a great Vox article about "sheltering in place is a public good, but it's also a recipe for becoming increasingly dissatisfied with what one's shelter looks like." You're definitely not alone in deciding that your apartment near the University of South Florida could use a refresh. However, that can be difficult to do while being mindful of your student budget. Here are a few wallet-friendly options to look into to upgrade and update your space: 

  • Hang up temporary wallpaper. It's having a moment, and it's no wonder why. While most of the off-campus USF apartments opt for the blank slate of plain, white walls, you might be looking for something a little more colorful or bold. Temporary wallpaper allows you to easily change the look of your space without major commitment, major spending or major fear for your security deposit. Create a new accent wall (or four) that makes your apartment feel more like you. If you're looking to review your options, I recommend starting with this list of brands.

  • Break out the tie dye. If you haven't tie dyed anything in the last few years, not to worry - it's even easier (and cheaper) than you remember. And once you get started, you may find that you've transformed all of the fabrics in your 1-bedroom USF apartment, from your sheets to your curtains, into colorful works of art. As a project, this can get a little messy, so be sure you're prepared with gloves and tubs. After all, your neighbors (and your property manager) may not appreciate you dripping remnant tie dye from your balcony onto the one below.

  • Go green-ery. Bring the outdoors inside with some plants! Adding greenery to your USF apartment can help it feel fresh while often introducing a pop of color to your space. Bloomscape offers a lot of great content on "plant care 101" if you're new to taking care of live plants, or you have a history of killing even the heartiest of succulents. That being said, you can achieve the same look and feel by bringing in some fake plants. IKEA has a wide selection of artificial plants, and let me tell you, the FEJKA I have in the corner of my living room has never looked better.

  • Work with what you have. The easiest way to redecorate without spending too much money is to look at the things you already have in your USF apartment and consider how you can move or change them to make your space feel refreshed. For example, the rug you have in your kitchen might look even better as a wall hanging in your living room. Or maybe your kitchen table would make an even better desk. You've had a lot of extra time at home to really think about how you use your space, so you're more prepared than ever to make it best work for you. 

When you're spending more time than you ever expected in one of the apartments near USF, a great way to release that energy and feel more comfortable in your space is through redecorating. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be back to bopping around the University of South Florida campus soon, but in the meantime - here's to temporary wallpaper!

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