How can I make the most of Super Bowl LV from my USF apartment?

Despite its early challenges, 2021 could not be a more exciting year to live in a University of South Florida apartment. Not only is Super Bowl LV the first time a competing team will play on their home field and quarterback Tom Brady's record tenth Super Bowl, but it is also the first time you've been right down the street from all the action! An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime, which means we have got to make the most of it.

Tailgating Is A Sport Too

Part of what makes any Tampa Bay Buccaneers game so exciting is the opportunity to socialize with other fans in the Raymond James Stadium parking lot. Though we should err on the side of caution when making new friends, we can still enjoy good food and drink, lawn chairs, and face paint as usual. You don't even need a ticket for the game! Many fans find a lot of joy setting up a TV, feeling the ground-shaking roar of the crowd, and cheering the Bucs on from the comfort of their own parking lot setup.

In my opinion, if you plan on tailgating in February, you should roll with a larger vehicle like an SUV or, ideally, a pick-up truck. You want to make sure your vehicle can carry all your coolers, chairs, tents, etc. in addition to your crew with a comfortable amount of space. Although most USF apartments are closer to campus and a bit of a drive from the stadium, University of Tampa apartments are just around the corner from the action. If you have a friend who attends UT and wants to tag along for the tailgate, consider spending the night at their place to dodge some truly exhausting traffic on Super Bowl Sunday.

Hanging Back Can Also Be A Blast

It is totally understandable for somebody to prefer watching the game from their air-conditioned, furnished apartment rather than the sunny, crowded parking lot, especially in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. Even though February is typically a cooler month, the Florida sun can still intrude on your tailgate fun; without a cloud in the sky, the sun can cast a blinding glare on your TV and hinder your view of the game. Inviting the crew to your place to watch the game might be the solution for you.

Before your guests arrive, you should make sure you have a stable internet connection and the proper services to stream the game on. Especially if your apartment came equipped with Wi-Fi, consider checking with your neighbors or apartment staff to see how stable and busy your connection may be.

No matter what your plans are for February 7th, this will be an unforgettable Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you're watching from your apartment, the parking lot, or the stands, the most important thing is that you enjoy Super Bowl LV with the people you love. Considering how the past year has played out, unifying events like this can have an immeasurable impact on anybody's morale. Go Bucs!

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