I just got a bike to save money on gas. What are some useful tips for riding a bike near my USF apartment?

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Hub Tampa offers its residents access to a resident parking garage, perfect for anyone looking to store their bike somewhere near USF apartments.

Purchasing a bike to ride near the University of South Florida is a great option for saving money and getting some exercise, without having to walk everywhere. If you are late to class or need to make it to an appointment on time, having a bike is essential. Not to mention, that with a bike you don't have to worry about finding parking because a bike takes up very little space.

The biggest concern about bike riding is safety. By this, I mean the safety of both the bike not getting stolen or damaged and the safety of the bike rider. There are plenty of ways to make sure your bike is kept in the best condition in apartments near USF and that you are being cautious around others driving on the road.

Invest in a Bike Lock at Apartments Near USF

In terms of bike safety, getting a quality lock for your bike is important to avoid having it stolen. Bikes are easier to steal because of their size and if you don't treat them well, someone could easily steal your bike and take off with it without you being able to do anything about it. Instead, purchasing a quality bike lock will guarantee that your go-to mode of transportation around USF apartments will be secured whenever you are away from it.

Sometimes if you live in an apartment with a parking garage, they have bike racks where you can store your bike. This is a great idea if you don't want to keep your bike in your USF apartment living space or bedroom. If you are worried about your bike being less secure in a parking garage even with a lock, living in a gated apartment could give your bike an extra layer of security.

Plan Out Your USF Apartment Bike Trips Ahead of Time

Knowing traffic patterns is key to driving on safer roads as a bike rider. If you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic, being on a bike is less dangerous compared to fast, naturally flowing traffic because of how fast other cars around you are moving. Also, the time of day at which you are riding your bike matters.

Due to weather conditions near USF apartments and whether it's daytime or nighttime, it might be better to find a safer mode of transportation temporarily. Living in a 4-bedroom apartment near USF might allow you multiple opportunities to hitch a ride from your roommates because you will most likely be going to the same place (a.k.a. your shared apartment).

Use Owning a Bike to Your Advantage

The cool thing about owning a bike is that it can allow you to go to places that are less assessable by car. For example, you can go on bike trails and see beautiful nature or attach a basket to the front of your bike and go on a picnic or take groceries back to your apartment. The possibilities for a bike aren't limited if you get creative and use it like you would a car.

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