What are the best and most affordable options for grilling food at USF apartments?

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42N offers its residents the choice of apartments with patios and balconies, perfect for anyone looking for a private, quiet place to grill!

During the summertime near the University of South Florida, the sun is hot, and the weather is perfect for hanging out near the pool and heating food on the grill. Hosting a small barbecue with friends or with other USF apartment roommates is a great way to kill time and enjoy some amazing food that's not only affordable but easy to prepare as well. When you use a grill, the food practically cooks itself, meaning you don't have to be an expert to do it correctly.

When you are in an apartment near USF, grilling might not seem like the most convenient way to cook because of the equipment and cleaning needed to maintain a grill. Despite any doubts you may have, grilling at your apartment is not impossible because there are multiple options for getting access to a grill nearby.

Use a Grill From Your USF Apartment Pool Area

Often near a large university, apartment complexes pick amenities that cater to a younger crowd. Apartment complexes want to offer amenities that allow students to have a unique and convenient living experience. For example, apartments with swimming pools usually have an area by the pool with chairs, hammocks, and fire pits. Another cool amenity you might see is a grilling station with fully functional propane grills for the residents to use. It's normally first come first serve, so you need to get there early to secure a grill.

If you aren't sure what amenities your apartment offers, someone at the leasing office should be able to answer any of your questions. It's important to remember that not all apartment complexes offer the same amenities, but in Florida, grills are a very common amenity to find.

Try Out a Public Grill From a Park Close to Apartments Near USF

Not all apartment complexes offer the use of grills on their property. If you want to use a grill and don't already own one, some public parks have park pavilions with grills that you can reserve online. This would guarantee you have a grill and a place to hang out with friends and eat if that's what you are searching for. If not, you can just reserve the space, and use the grill to cook and eat back at your USF apartment. USF Riverfront Park on Fletcher Avenue has park pavilions with public grills. All you must do is bring food, charcoal, lighter fluid, and grilling utensils.

Purchase a Small Portable Grill

If you want to use a personal grill and never have to share it with other people, purchasing a portable grill is the best option. They are relatively inexpensive, don't occupy a lot of space, and are either charcoal or propane powered. Also, getting an apartment with a patio or balcony could be a perfect option for storing your grill and is a great place to grill food outside so smoke doesn't get inside your apartment near USF.

Whether you know how to use a grill or not, the only way to find out how to use one is to get a hold of one and start practicing!

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