I am an avid foodie looking for new places to eat. What are some tasty dining experiences near my USF apartment?

One of the greatest things about living near the University of South Florida, is the campus's proximity to so many unique dining locations. If you enjoy a great dining experience, USF is the place to be. One of the most important things to start doing is saving up money to go out to cool restaurants close to apartments near USF. If you are a student, you probably won't get to eat out as much as you would like to, but by getting a cheap apartment or living in an already furnished apartment, you can use some of the money you would have spent on furniture and rent for a special dinner fund. 


This restaurant off West Morrison Avenue offers small plates with big flavors. They have small plates ranging from $6-$49, perfect for anyone looking to share with other people or try multiple different dishes in one meal. It's difficult to find a dining experience that offers the opportunity to try small portions of meats, cheeses, and desserts for a reasonable price. If you want to explore your palate, Haven is the perfect culinary playground to venture to!

Oxford Exchange

This iconic spot off West Kennedy Boulevard offers classic brunch staples like French toast, eggs benedict, salads, sandwiches, and more, in addition to curated coffees and brunchtime beverages. One of the more unique components of this place besides the picturesque aesthetic, bookstore, and gift shop, is its afternoon tea experience. During 3:00-5:00 pm every Sunday, there is teatime with three options to choose from: the Royal Tea with small bites, tea, and champagne, the Afternoon Tea with small bites, preserves, and tea, or the Children's Tea with finger sandwiches, sweets, and tea.

Boil Spot Hot Pot & Korean BBQ

This place off Fowler Avenue is for people who want to eat till it hurts… and maybe keep eating. The buffet at this restaurant near your USF apartment offers a wide array of different meats, vegetables, and flavors to customize the hot pot to your liking. You can be adventurous with your choices because once you pay the flat fee, you eat as much as you want. There's also an option to indulge in both the hot pot and Korean barbecue options. If you find yourself hungry for umami and Korean flavors, come to Boil Spot as fast as you can!

Mise En Place

This restaurant off West Kennedy Boulevard offers modern, high-quality French cuisine. They have a standard menu with meats, seafood, appetizers, and sides, but this is not what makes them stand apart. If you ask to "Get Blitzed," you will pay a flat fee for a 5-course dinner including a chef's selection of desserts cheeses, and three of the main courses. The 5-course dinner is perfect for taking out a date to somewhere close to apartments near USF, and if the chef says to get it, you know it's going to be delicious!

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