I plan on attending USF while living in Tampa. Can you tell me about some college events throughout the year?

If you plan on taking courses at the University of South Florida while living in Tampa, the best way to meet new people and get more involved with new school is to attend many of the student-created campus events at USF. You may want to choose one of the USF apartments that are very close to campus so that you can have an easy walk to class and attend as many events as possible. Interested in finding out what USF has to offer? Keep reading to start planning your first college year once you move into one of the apartments near USF.

Many upcoming USF events are posted on the Campus Activities Board (CAB) website throughout the year for students looking for something free and fun. The CAB is a student-run and funded organization that brings students fun and free activities on campus. Ongoing events include Movies on the Lawn, where students can get together every other Wednesday and watch a movie before it is available on DVD. The CAB even offers free popcorn and drinks for outdoor showings of movies. Apartments near USF are a great choice for college students who want to be close to all the campus fun and meet other students with similar interests. Another regular event held by the CAB is Patio Tuesday, held on the first Tuesday of each month. These events have several different themes, including Mardi Gras, Throwback Thursday, and a Masquerade Ball, and always have some free activities or food for students to enjoy.

Some of the larger annual events held for free by the CAB is the Bullstock spring concert that brings popular bands to the USF Campus. This concert is free for USF students, faculty, staff, and alumni! Previous bands at this concert include Cobra Starship, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Owl City. Other annual concerts include Battle of the Bands and Winter Wonderland. If you choose one of the USF apartments close to campus, you and your friends can enjoy a free concert and then conveniently walk back to your apartment for some post-concert celebration and relaxation! Check out the CAB website to see a gallery of photos from past concerts, and find out which bands will be playing in the future.

Feeling like having an outdoor adventure and meeting others with that same idea? USF Outdoor Recreation has several events available year round for students who want to enjoy some outdoor fitness and socialize with other students. In addition, BullFit has many outdoor bootcamp classes available for students, taught by nationally certified personal trainers that can help you get into tiptop shape. These classes are for students looking for a new and challenging workout utilizing the environment in and around campus. Check out one of their demo events to find out more!

We hope these events have helped you decide if you want to move into one of the apartments near USF. This is just a tiny fraction of all the ways to get involved at USF, so keep exploring to find something that interests you.

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