How is the nightlife near USF apartments?

Spend a majority of your daytime at work or in class? Looking to blow off a little steam before heading out into the real world the next day? Tampa is home to an incredible night scene. Whether you're craving some tasty brews or tasty food there are plenty of options waiting for you just minutes from apartments near USF.

If you're looking to go out dancing or grab a few drinks with friends then I suggest heading to Ybor City minutes away from many Tampa apartments. You will meet a vast variety of people just walking down the strip on your way to a club, or bar. Ybor City is teeming with bars and clubs that stay open until the wee hours of the morning. Many attractions in Ybor City are for ages 18 and up. Few require that you be 21 to enter. Have you ever felt those hunger pains after dancing all night with your friends? Then you know how annoying it can be to go through another fast food drive thru, yet again. You don't have to worry about that while out in Ybor City. There are a plethora of restaurants that stay open until 3 am or later lining the streets of Ybor City.

Ybor City is home to many music venues and even quite a few hole-in-the-wall bars. Whenever you need to blow off a little steam or just don't feel like having an early night you're bound to find something that interests you on the streets of Ybor City. The best part is it's only about 15 minutes from campus making it close to many apartments near USF as well as apartments near Tampa.

If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path try The Castle in Tampa. The cover charge is almost nonexistent and you can dance to 80s dance music or jam out to The Clash all night. Tuesday through Saturday you can check out the Hyde Park Café where DJs play a wide variety of music creating a fun environment for all to enjoy.

If loud clubs and dancing are not your thing there are many bars to visit in the area as well. If you're up for some beer pong check out Bull's Club Billiards where all of the local college kids love to come play against each other. An ideal change of pace from the loud thumping of a club is the New World Brewery. For those 21 and up looking for a laid back place to spend the evening this is definitely where you want to be. Great beer and a great environment is the perfect recipe for fun!

Almost anywhere you go in the USF area you are guaranteed to find many opportunities for a fun night out. Whether you're looking for a loud night club or a quaint, quiet bar you are assuredly covered.

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