I go to USF and am graduating in the spring. What should I do about my lease?

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4050 Lofts offer short-term leases of only four months.

When renting an apartment, people typically plan on staying anywhere from nine to 12 months. Though, this is not always the case. Whether it is due to studying abroad, graduation or work relocation, renters may need to move out in the middle of the year. If you find yourself in this situation, you have a couple options...

Apartments with short-term leases

If you know ahead of time that you need an apartment for less than a year, try searching for a community that offers "short-term" leases. While most apartments typically offer 12 month leases, some provide anywhere from three to nine month contracts as well. These short-term leases are ideal for students that plan on leaving after a semester. To find apartments with short-term leases, visit the Tampa Bay Apartments page. There, you will find our featured list of apartments as well as the search-filtering tools. Use the "Lease Lengths By Month" tab to find your desired rental length. Any apartments that do not meet your requirements will be removed from the results pool.


Subleasing your apartment

Not all apartments offer short-term leases. Because of this, many people turn to subleasing their space. Subleasing is when a tenant (as opposed to the property owner) leases the property to a new party. To some, subleasing is an easy and ideal process. For others, it can be a bit difficult. Before you try to sublease your space, first contact the property manager/staff. Some apartment communities offer services in which they arrange the sublease themselves. This can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders!

If you're a USF student looking for an apartment with a short-term lease or need advice about subleasing, Rent Tampa Bay is your go-to guide!

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