How can I maximize as much space as possible in a small apartment near USF?

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Campus Lodge offers its residents the choice of living in an already furnished apartment, perfect for anyone looking to maximize storage in a smaller space!

When living in a smaller, cheap apartment near the University of South Florida, it can seem like you don't have enough room for all the things you require to live. This can make it seem like you have to choose what is most important, leaving little space left over for décor, accent furniture, and other extra things you don't necessarily need to live in your USF apartment.

Even though you could live a successful minimalist lifestyle with little furniture and décor, it's nice to look at a space as a blank slate for all of the things that can make it feel more like home. Plus, curating a style within a space can give you a creative outlet to express yourself, but this isn't possible unless you optimize space correctly within your apartment near USF. Whether you have a lot of things or very little, knowing what you can do to fit more things in a small space can make it a whole lot easier to bring as much as you want without being restricted.

Hang Items up on the Wall in Apartments Near USF

Sometimes the solution to your storage needs can be handled by looking up instead of down. People tend to think that storage and design have to start from the ground up, but this isn't always the case, especially in an already furnished apartment. Having furniture in your USF apartment before you move into it restricts the number of items you can bring separately. In this case, using command hooks can help you hang up coats, paintings, lights, and other items that would take up room in a storage bin on the floor.

Use the Hidden Space Underneath Your Bed in USF Apartments

Some people forget that the space underneath their bed is prime storage space. Not only can you hide big, bulky storage containers under a bed, but the space is not being utilized for anything else otherwise. To optimize the amount of room you have in a tiny space, every empty place must be accounted for.

Also, a somewhat obvious but useful place to store things is in a closet. By living in a USF apartment with a spacious walk-in closet, you will be able to stack storage containers on top of each other and hide most of your belongings in there without it making the room seem cluttered. The focal point of every room is the bed and surfaces that are closer to eye level. That's why keeping things behind a closet door, or a curtain can make a space seem tidy and put together without a bunch of containers everywhere.

Build Upon Surfaces in Apartments Near USF

When I say surfaces,  it is a vague way of describing the tops of dressers, bedside tables, and other places that can be used for storage. If you come across a dresser that is low to the ground adding something like a decorative organizer or mini container can store smaller things you don't necessarily want to be stored in a box underneath the bed or your closet.

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