Where can I find 1 bedroom apartments near USF?

Attending USF, finding the right place to call home can be a challenge. For some people, a USF apartment with 1 bedroom is the best bet. If you will be living alone and don't have a lot of stuff, a one-bedroom unit will give you privacy and a nice price. There are plenty of one bedroom apartments near USF, so it won't be hard to find a great place to call your own.

Having a one bedroom apartment near USF means that you can have your own space, your own schedule, and your own way of doing things. Especially if you need peace and quiet in order to study, having no distractions can be great, especially come finals week! No fights with your roomie about blaring music or a mid-finals-week party. You can do what you want!

A one bedroom USF apartment can also be a great option if you just need personal space. Living with roommates, while generally cost-effective, isn't always the most pleasant of situations. No one ever has the exact same sleeping schedule, class schedule, or views about cleanliness or visitors. Having a place to yourself frees you from these disagreements. You can have friends over when you want without bothering anyone, and no one will bother you with their friends coming over. You can rest easily knowing that all your things will be left as you leave them.

There are many places to live near USF. Some are on the HART bus line, and some are on the USF Bullrunner route. Some places do not have bus service, so you will have to drive, walk, or bike to school. The USF area is pretty full of places to eat, shop, hang out, and study, so if you find a place that you love near USF, you can be fairly sure you're near everything you'll need.

During your search for a one bedroom apartment near USF, be sure to try out or unique search tool. You can search based on number of bedrooms, location, price, pet policy, parking options, and just about any preference you may have. Once you find a few places that you are interested in, set up some tours! Go look at your future new home. The Bay area is a great place to live, and I'm sure you will love all the new experiences you can have here, even if you don't leave the USF area during your entire stay (though you will undoubtedly experience a lot more if you venture out to other local areas). Whatever you decide, enjoy your experience!

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